“Free” Canadian Health Care At $12,000 Per Family

Source: Right Side News 

The Fraser Institute has released a study estimating the costs of Canada’s government monopoly, a.k.a. single-payer health system. A typical Canadian family of four will pay $11,735 for public health care insurance in 2015.

The study also tracks the cost of health care insurance over time: Between 2005 and 2015, the cost of health care for the average Canadian family (all family types) increased by 48.5 per cent, dwarfing increases in income (30.8 per cent), shelter (35.9 per cent) and food (18.2 per cent).

Moreover, general government revenue—not a dedicated tax—funds health care, making it difficult for Canadians to decipher how much of their tax dollars actually go towards health insurance.

The study finds the average Canadian family with two parents and two children earning $119,082 will pay $11,735 for public health care insurance in 2015. A single individual earning $42,244 can expect to pay $4,222.

For American readers, I should note that the single-payer system does not include dental care or prescription drugs for working people in most provinces. And to get in front of the comments: Yes, when you add your taxes for Medicare and Medicaid plus premiums for employer-based health benefits, you are paying more than your neighbors to the North.