Reviving The Growth Agenda

The campaigns of Steve Forbes and Pat Buchanan resonated with voters this primary season because they were the only two candidates running who directly addressed the problem of economic growth. Inside the Beltway everything seems fine – and why not? Bill Clinton has created lots of employment for policy wonks, with his everchanging agenda of plans to nationalize health care, raise taxes, and pay people to become "volunteers."

Consensus on Health Reform

A consensus is emerging on the right way to reform our health care system. The consensus stems from the recognition that the tax system has shaped and molded our health care system and is responsible for many of its problems. Health reform, therefore, requires tax reform.

A New Way to Please Employees

For a decade employers and benefits managers have been aggressively working to lower their health care costs. While they have been largely successful in their efforts – health care costs rose only 2.1 percent in 1995 – the savings came at a price: a lot of employees have been dissatisfied with being transferred into managed care plans.

Chile, Singapore, and Mom's Old Age

Social Security is back in the news. First, Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes suggested a market-based retirement system for young people. Now press reports indicate that the Advisory Council on Social Security will soon endorse a privatization of Social Security.