Making HSAs Better

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are having an enormously beneficial effect on the design of health insurance in this country. Instead of an employer or insurer paying medical bills, more than one million people are managing some of their own health care dollars. Instead of relying solely on third-party insurance, people can now partly self-insure through these accounts. Yet despite their many advantages, HSAs can be made even better.

Measure for Measure

Mr. Schwarzenegger replaced incumbent Gray Davis in a recall election in 2003, and then proceeded to offer real change and a broad opportunity vision to California residents.

Economic Freedom Index of North America 2005

This is the third edition of the annual report, Economic Freedom of North America. The statistical results of this year's study persuasively confirm those published in the previous two editions: economic freedom is a powerful driver of growth and prosperity and those provinces and states that have low levels of economic freedom continue to leave their citizens poorer than they need or should be.

The Tax Structure

The other day I was at a meeting of conservative activists and a young woman addressed the group asking for support in opposing plans to tax cosmetic surgery. Assuming taxes have to be raised somehow, taxing cosmetic surgery sounded like a pretty good idea to me — the tax is essentially voluntary and falls mainly on the well-to-do. But everyone else in the room agreed that it would be a travesty to tax fake boobs.

Why Social Security reform affects students – now

It's a sad fact that more of today's young Americans believe in the existence UFOs than in the future existence and promised benefits of Social Security. In spite of that fact, or perhaps because of it, our generation has chosen to remain on the sidelines of the national debate with a deep, quiet skepticism.

Special Interests Look to Gain Most

Congress should give American motorists a break at the pump in the pending energy bill, but special interests and legislators beholden to them are once again loading the bill down with pork barrel projects.