Bad Idea: Paying for Family Leave

At President Clinton's direction, the Department of Labor has published a proposed regulation that would allow states to pay unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to fathers and mothers who take time off for the birth or adoption of a child.

Patient Dissatisfaction

If the United States were to adopt the Canadian single–payer system of financing health care as some advocate, the change would not solve many of the problems attributed to the present system. Rather, it would replace one set of problems with another. According to a survey sponsored by the Harvard School of Public Health, which measured public opinion toward health care in five English–speaking countries, people in all five countries had roughly the same level of discontent with their system.

Global Warming Politics: Are Tennessee and Texas Getting Hotter?

When James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute, testified before the Senate in 1988 that he was "99 percent" certain that human-caused greenhouse gases were changing the climate, Sen. (now Vice President) Al Gore took Hansen's argument seriously. In his book Earth in the Balance, Gore argued that human-caused global warming is the greatest threat facing civilization. In addition, the September 7th Washington Times reported that at Gore's 51st birthday party in 1999, he said his home state of Tennessee had warmed substantially since he was born. To prevent global warming, Gore advocates that the U.S. ratify a treaty that would reduce energy use and economic growth.

Focus Point – Where's Chicken Little?

Now that January's winding up, I'm still awaiting the return of the chicken littles. I'd like to think Y2K shut them up, but I doubt it. Not when there's still recession, debt, trade disaster and evil globalism to rant against. But just as with the Y2K non-disaster, the evidence, as Dallas fed economist Richard Alm recently pointed out, is on the side of the optimists.

Tax Credit Innovator to Discuss Bi-Partisan Plan

Dr. John C. Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis and leading free-market health policy innovator, is available to comment on the bi-partisan health insurance tax credit proposal unveiled today, which is based in part on proposals first made by Goodman and the NCPA.

Goodman Applauds Bipartisan Health Care Tax Credit Plan

Responding to the announcement by Sens. Jeffords, Breaux, and Frist and House Majority Leader Armey of their bipartisan proposal to provide tax credits for the purchase of health insurance, National Center for Policy Analysis President John C. Goodman, Ph.D., issued the following statement.

Let's Not Add Another Entitlement

Our unemployment insurance system needs to be reformed. Although most employers pay a payroll tax on all their workers for the purpose, only 38% of the unemployed get benefits. Furthermore, the system is subject to abuse, and economists agree that the benefits encourage the jobless to stay unemployed longer.

Focus Point – Smart Moves in the House

Late last year I suggested that if republicans want to pass tax cuts this session, they should hold off on a huge package that Bill Clinton and congressional liberals can demagogue to death and cherry pick instead. In other words, go with the most attractive, easiest-to-sell cuts.

Focus Point – The Feds Crack Down on Charity

I had to read the wall street journal story twice to believe it. The department of health and human services investigated a new jersey hospital which treated any patient, rich or poor, for free. And now, the Deborah Heart and Lung Center faces civil and criminal charges, prosecution and fines — for dispensing charity.

Focus Point – George W. Bush

I have to acknowledge a queasy sense of DEJA VU when governor George W. Bush promised no new taxes — indeed, promised a tax cut — during a recent debate. At least he didn't say "read my lips."

Focus Point – Jesse Jackson

It's official. Jesse Jackson has finally gone over the edge. It was bad enough that Jackson railed against punishing kids who started a riot in the stands at a football game.