Reforming Medicaid

Medicaid is enormously expensive. For the second year in a row, spending on Medicaid (for the poor) will exceed spending on Medicare (for the elderly).

States Can Avert Medicaid Cost Crisis

Medicaid costs rose 13 percent last year and by an average of 9 percent a year since 1997. Further, states now spend approximately $30 billion more on Medicaid than they do on Medicare each year — $280 billion versus $250 billion. That's almost $1,000 for every man, woman and child in the country – or $4,000 for a family of four.

Simplifying Savings

Congress has created a variety of accounts to encourage saving in general and for specific purposes – including retirement, education, health care and house down payments. President Bush has proposed consolidating and simplifying some of these accounts to make it easy for any employer to create a retirement savings plan and for all workers to establish savings accounts.

12 Left Feet

Oregon is one of America's more liberal states. It has voted Democratic in every presidential election since Ronald Reagan and has not elected a Republican governor in 20 years. But in a Jan. 28 referendum the people of Oregon voted 54% to 46% to cut state spending by $310 million rather than raise income taxes by 0.5% to balance the budget.

Evidence Is Building For Social Security Reform

Life is really getting difficult for opponents of Social Security personal retirement accounts. Evidence continues to build that personal accounts – if properly implemented – will have none of the dire effects that opponents claim.

Statement before the Democratic Policy Committees of the U.S. Congress

Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to discuss the administration's budget request for FY 2004. I would just like to emphasize at the outset that I am not an administration official and do not in any way speak for the administration. Furthermore, while I am generally sympathetic with the administration's philosophy, I don't necessarily support every particular of its budget priorities. I am here speaking only for myself and not on behalf of the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Bush Administration, the Republican Party or anyone else.