Senator Mitchell's Last Stand

The Senate is now in open debate on the health care reform bill proposed by Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-ME). A composite, the proposal is based on bills written by the Senate's Finance and Education and Labor committees and on President Clinton's original proposal.

Is Hawaii a Model for Health Care Reform?

Senator Kennedy and others argue that Hawaii's more centralized control of the health care system has led to a better distribution of physicians and more effective utilization of resources, hospital beds and technology. However, there is evidence to dispute this.

The Clinton/Gephardt Bill

House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO) released the health care reform bill of the House Democratic leadership on July 29.  It is a composite based on President Clinton's original proposal and on the work of the House Ways and Means and House Education and Labor committees.  While Gephardt has sought to emphasize the differences between his bill and President Clinton's plan, what is remarkable is how little has changed.

The Crime Bill That Deserves to Stay Dead

President Clinton has blamed the defeat of the crime bill on obstructionist Republicans and the National Rifle Association, and the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives is threatening to force another vote. If they do so, the bill deserves to be defeated a second time.

Evaluating Senator Dole's Health Care Plan

The Dole proposal avoids most of the bad features of the Clinton health care plan and its various derivatives.  A true market-based alternative, it includes many of the reform ideas developed by the National Center for Policy Analysis.  However, the proposal's unnecessary, counterproductive insurance regulations need to be replaced, and details of its positive reforms can be significantly improved.  This backgrounder discusses what is right in the Dole plan, why it is superior to Clinton-style plans and how it can be improved.

Death by Quota

Is death sentencing really racially discriminatory? Those who claim there is a pattern of discrimination are ignoring a host of studies that show otherwise.