The Biggest Myths of ObamaCare

Four years after its passage, Obamacare has now been largely implemented, and millions have had their coverage disrupted. For years, the administration has propagated a number of myths about Obamacare. Some have already crumbled, and others will fall as Obamacare continues to change the American health system.

Bob Buford

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The Wall Street Journal: This will be the last of my columns for this publication, so I thought it fitting to note the views that have most influenced these writings. Foremost is my appreciation of America’s character and strength and my opinion that the only earthly thing that can stop this great country is a national failure of will or a continual series of misguided political decisions.

Specialty Drugs and Pharmacies

Patients benefit enormously from safe and effective drug therapies. Highly advanced specialty drugs and biological agents are increasingly used to treat rare diseases and disorders for which there were no treatments only a few years ago. Advanced drug therapies are very expensive, and often require special handling and extensive patient monitoring.

The Ted Spread

Forbes: NCPA Distinguished Fellow Bob McTeer defines “the Ted spread” and what it means for the U.S. economy in a Forbes commentary.

Falling Dollar? It Depends on Your Index

Forbes: The DXY dollar index, the current system used to measure the strength of the dollar is a “mighty poor index” which only takes six currencies into account, according to a Forbes commentary by NCPA Distinguished Fellow Bob McTeer.

Health Care Spending Growth Was Down Before ObamaCare

Investor’s Business Daily: The growth of Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, and the trend toward higher deductibles are the case of the slowed spending on health care, not ObamaCare, say NCPA President John Goodman and Senior Fellow Peter Ferrara in an Investor’s Business Daily commentary.