The Nightmare in Our Future – 2001 Update

Social Security and Medicare are in trouble. By 2016, both programs will begin paying out more in benefits than they receive in payroll taxes. And the government will no longer be able to maintain full benefit payments to retirees at current tax rates. These programs will consume an ever-increasing portion of workers' incomes if the government is to keep its promises.

Focus Point – Ditching the ABA

Lost amid the news of captured pilots, tax cuts and the start of baseball season, you may have missed the note about the Bush Administration and the ABA. I didn't, and it made my day.

Focus Point – Below Standard

While they usually fight the good fight, my friends at the >Weekly Standard> have sucker-punched President Bush regarding China's detention of the American flyers and their surveillance plane.

Lawsuit Fever Killing HMOs

Following the winds of public opinion, health reformers in Washington have begun to condemn the abuses of managed care as vigorously as they once promoted its promises. This has led to a shift in focus from attempting to provide insurance for those who lack it, to reforming the insurance that people already have.

Focus Point – Hate Speech

There's a lot of bipartisan ballyhoo about a piece of proposed legislation with the antiseptic tag of "the local law enforcement act of 2001." Who could be opposed, the right?

Creating Factories Behind Bars

The Bush administration has announced its intention to reach across party lines and look at old problems in new ways. Perhaps nowhere would this strategy reap a greater harvest than in jointly alleviating the 93 percent unemployment rate behind the gates of American prisons and a workforce shortage that threatens American competitiveness.

House Repeals Estate Tax

A group of black millionaires led by billionaire founder of the Black Entertainment Network, Robert L. Johnson, bought ads today in The New York Times and the Washington Post calling for abolition of the so-called death tax.

Tax Cuts, Triggers and Rebates, Oh My!

In recent weeks, two ideas have gained popularity among those who don't want to see the president's tax cut plan enacted. One idea is for an immediate one-time rebate of a portion of this year's surplus, the other is to add a trigger to any tax rate cut. A quick look at history, however, shows that both ideas would be harmful.

Focus Point – Rebates

It's been comical watching congressional democrats crawfish on giving you your money back. First, any tax cut was bad. Then, $250 billion was ok. Then $900 billion. Now, seeing that Bush is starting to make inroads into public opinion, it's a tax rebate — a way not to do the right thing, and a bad idea on its own merits.