Science vs. Spin: Government Warming Redux

Every five years the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publishes a massive three-volume report on global climate change. The first volume of the newest publication, the Third Assessment Report, reviews the immense body of climate change literature and attempts to present a consensus view of the current understanding of the scientific basis of climate change.

Focus Point – Generational Welfare

We've all heard of the generation gap… but generational warfare? Baby boomers will begin to retire soon and begin collecting Social Security and health care benefits rather than paying taxes into the system. If we don't do something now to reform Social Security…that could set off a conflict over resources that could result in generational warfare.

Hunters: Founders and Leaders of Wildlife Conservation

The state of wildlife on the African continent today resembles that of wildlife in the United States in the late 19th century. African wildlife populations are declining as habitat is converted to farming, wildlife is competing with or preying on domestic livestock and wildlife pursuit is increasingly commercialized. But first in the United States and now in Africa, hunters have led the charge to conserve wildlife.

Focus Point – Health Care Is a Bigger Problem than Social Security

Tax revenues funding Social Security and Medicare entitlements are currently in surplus, but by the time the first baby boomers retire…both programs will pay out more in benefits than they collect. In a policy report issued today, N-C-P-A president John C. Goodman and policy analyst, Matt Moore, show that Social Security is not our biggest problem…Medicare is.

Focus Point – Does Europe have the answer to safe air travel?

If the terrorist attack on the U.S. wasn't enough to slow air traffic to a crawl, the backlash that followed has left us with interminably long lines and patience-killing security countermeasures. Now the Democrats want government to solve the problem If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the British say, then the answer to safer air travel can be found in Europe.

Focus Point – Arab-Americans and Racial Profiling

The use of racial profiling in recent years has been controversial with ethnic and civil rights groups…especially African Americans, who felt profiling singled them out for suspicion. Nonetheless, some recent polls in the Wall Street Journal show that Blacks and even Arab-Americans are now more willing to support racial profiling than the general U.S. population.

Focus Point – Economic Myths

There's a wonderful little book out from the Media Research Center edited by Stephen Moore and Richard Noyes. I hope you'll read it, but mainly I hope the real audience it's meant for will get a copy.

MSA's Can Be a Windfall for All

The reasons managed care has not worked as a national policy in addressing the concerns of cost, access, quality and patient satisfaction are the same reasons Medical Savings Accounts and other consumer-driven programs are attractive.

Focus Point – Fixing Education

President Bush's first legislative proposal was his education bill. Alas, the education establishment gutted it. Vouchers to save poor kids from bad schools are gone. Annual testing's been diluted.