Global Warming Primer 2nd Edition

NCPA’s global warming primer presents a factual analysis of the state of the climate, the threats posed by global warming, and the implications and results of the possible responses to warming. Presented in a graphical format, the primer is useful for readers from middle school through adulthood who want to understand what scientists and economists know about the earth’s climate and what changes might mean.

Reforming Alabama’s Medicaid Drug Program

Alabama is forging ahead with plans to move Medicaid enrollees into managed care plans. In doing so, the state should change its policies of administering pharmaceutical drug benefits separately from health benefits (called a “carve out”) and reimbursing pharmacies for each prescription filled (called “fee for service”).1

Steve Landsburg

Steve Landsburg Professor of Economics, University of Rochester. WHEN:    Friday, September 6, 2013               12:00PM – 1:15PM WHERE:  Renaissance Hotel Dallas                Ellipse Ballroom                2222 Stemmons Freeway                Dallas, TX 75207                (214) 631-2222 Click here to register. For …

Taxes on Generous Health Plans

Fox News Channel: National Center for Policy Analysis President and CEO John C. Goodman discussing taxes on so called “Cadillac” health plans that have employers and unions upset.