Host intro: Today's election day. Pete du Pont of the National Center for Policy Analysis wants to pay a final salute to the outgoing congress.

However the election turns out, we shouldn't let the accomplishments of the 104th congress be lost to the passage of time and the distortion of the democrats.

The first republican congress in 40 years gave the country welfare reform, health care reform with medical savings accounts and expanded health insurance deductions for the self-employed, an increase in the amount seniors can earn, small business tax relief and a new IRA for at-home spouses.

Republicans increased drug enforcement administration funding, put an end to the limitless appeals in death penalty cases, ended frivolous prisoner lawsuits, imposed work requirements on welfare recipients, made it easier for states to ensure payment of court-ordered child support, cut government red tape with the paperwork reduction act and small business regulatory reform, enhanced national security by restoring some of president Clinton's defense budget cuts, gave the president the line item veto, eliminated 270 federal programs, offices and agencies, cut the legal services department budget, ended welfare to non-citizens and passed the immigration in the national interest act to cut illegal immigration and toughen border security.

Of course, it could have been better.

The congress passed a balanced budget that cut spending and gave Americans a break on taxes. President Clinton vetoed it.

So as the 104th congress slips into history, stop to say thanks. They were working for you.

Those are my ideas. And at the NCPA, know ideas can change the world. I'm Pete du Pont, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Host outro: tomorrow, why does workfare work? Pete du Pont has the answers.