Affordable Care Act, Ryan Plan Equally Burdensome, Says Policy Analyst

Source: The Talk Radio News Service

John Goodman, president and CEO at the National Center for Policy Analysis, told reporters Tuesday that, within ten years, there was little difference between the Affordable Care Act and the plan proposed by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Goodman criticized both plans for failing to share the deficit burden equally between seniors and the general taxpaying population. Instead, Goodman said both plans weigh heavily on the elderly and said that those entering the Medicare program have already lost thousands of dollars in benefits when Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. 

“Everybody under the age of 50 is now going to get less from the system than they pay in,” warned Goodman. Goodman criticized the plans as being “good for the finances of the federal government,” but bad for America’s seniors.

The conservative think tank president predicted that the changes the Affordable Care Act would have on Medicare would, ultimately, result in the law’s repeal.

“Everybody in Congress will be hearing from elderly voters who will say ‘We can’t find a doctor who will see us,’ and there will be such enormous pressure that they will undo all of this,” said Goodman.

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