‘Boots’ Debate Could Stymie War Vote — Durbin Knocks DoD Over 'Limited' Immigration Change — Can Bogdan Write an F-35 Success Story?

Source: Politico


FIRST LOOK – THINK TANK SAYS U.S. CAN’T DEPEND ON CHINA FOR RARE-EARTH METALS: The National Center for Policy Analysis, an anti-regulation think tank, is releasing a report this morning highlighting the dangers of relying on China for rare-earth metals, which are used in many U.S. weapons. “Few people recognize the significance of rare earths, but that could change dramatically – if the United States finds itself on the receiving end of a supply disruption,” the report says, according to our sneak peek.

The report touts legislation in the House and Senate to make it easier to obtain mining permits – in hopes of jump-starting the fledgling U.S. rare-earths industry. It also notes the Pentagon has recommended stockpiling certain metals critical to national defense. The report, set to be unveiled at a noon event on Capitol Hill, is available here: http://bit.ly/1pfdyBM. And event details are here: http://bit.ly/1rwEBgJ