Cost Of The Medicare Physicians Payment Fix (SRG):

DALLAS, TX – The cost of the Medicare physician payment fix will be more than $4 trillion, according to National Center for Policy Analysis President John C. Goodman. 

The widely reported amount is $2.10 trillion but that covers only the next ten years.  Accounting for this additional liability the way other Medicare liabilities are accounted for, the cost is $1.9 trillion for the next 75-years and 4.1 trillion looking indefinitely into the future, according to research the the NCPA:

The research was conducted by former Social Security and Medicare Trustee Thomas R. Saving, an NCPA Senior Fellow and Director of the Private Enterprise Research Center at Texas A&M University.

As the nation's leading free-market health economist, Dr. Goodman is available to discuss the Medicare liability findings and other health reform policy issues. 

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