Get Past The Rhetoric On Social Security

NCPA Experts Available

DALLAS – Now that the first two debates are in the record books, Social Security continues to be one the clearest areas of difference between the two presidential campaigns. The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPASM) has experts available to discuss the truth about the two Social Security reform approaches and how each plan will affect average Americans.

WHO: Social Security Experts National Center For Policy Analysis

WHAT: Non-Partisan Analysis Of Reform Proposals

WHEN: Available Immediately

WHERE: 972-386-6272

As part of the NCPA's education effort on Social Security we have also launched an online Social Security benefits calculator — found at — that allows visitors to see for themselves what they can expect to get back in benefits, and what they could have received if they could have invested that money. The calculator also shows what the payroll tax rate will have to be when they retire just to pay for their Social Security, Medicare and other elderly health benefits.