Handbook on State Health Care Reform

Reforming health care is one of the great challenges facing our country today. Based on our experience, true transformational reform must begin in state capitols, not in the halls of Congress.

States can introduce and vet a variety of reforms. Through a process of trial-and-error, state reforms can provide an empirical basis for comprehensive action by the federal government. The Handbook on State Health Care Reform provides an in-depth examination and analysis of our health care system. It is a valuable resource and practical tool for guiding policy decisions to improve quality, expand access and control the escalating costs of health care. Even in states where reform is already underway, policymakers will benefit from the insights, advice and visionary approach to solutions outlined in the Handbook.

The complete book: http://www.ncpathinktank.org/pdfs/State_HC_Reform_6-8-07.pdf (PDF | 1.2MB)



Chapter 1 – Goals of Reform

Chapter 2 – Principles of Reform

Chapter 3 – Implementing the Principles of Reform

Chapter 4 – Ten Steps to Insuring the Uninsured

Chapter 5 – Ten Steps to Reforming Medicaid

Chapter 6 – Four Steps to Reforming Long-Term Care

Chapter 7 – Four Steps to Personal and Portable Health Insurance

Chapter 8 – Six Steps to Improve Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 9 – Malpractice Reform: Ten Principles of a Rational Tort System

Chapter 10 – Malpractice Reform: Five Steps to Liability by Contract

Chapter 11 – Conclusion: Life in a Reformed Health Care System