John Goodman/Newt Gingrich Health Care Plan Detailed in The Wall Street Journal

DALLAS, TX – In response to President Obama's call for alternative health care reform proposals, National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) President John C. Goodman and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich have proposed a 10-point consumer driven health care plan, outlined in this morning's Wall Street Journal

"Here are 10 bold ideas that will create: more access, lower costs and better quality care," said Goodman.

The Goodman/Gingrich plan, in part, proposes reforms to make insurance more affordable, make health insurance portable, better meet the needs of the chronically ill, and allow doctors and patients to control costs.  Additional points include alternatives to Medicare cuts, protection for early retirees, consumer information guidelines, eliminating junk lawsuits and stopping health care fraud.

"These are viable, affordable solutions for the greatest number of patients," said Goodman. "They deserve the full attention of Congress, the administration and all other parties working to repair our dysfunctional health care system."

Also this week, National Public Radio cited Goodman's long-standing contributions to overhauling the health care system:

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