NCPA Joins Coalition To Advocate Reasonable Energy Planning

WASHINGTON (May 30, 2001) – The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), has joined with the 21st Century Energy Project (21CEP) in support of a reasonable and balanced approach to planning a national energy policy. 21CEP was launched earlier today at a news conference in Washington.

"The public is largely uninformed concerning national energy planning, due in no small part to misinformation spread by political opponents of the Bush energy plan," said H. Sterling Burnett, NCPA senior policy analyst.

The NCPA joined several other groups, including 60 Plus Association, American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, Citizens for a Sound Economy, Frontiers for Freedom, the National Center for Public Policy Research, The Seniors Coalition and United Seniors Association. Member organizations in 21CEP are devoted to finding a sensible approach to the energy policy debate that protects American's future and security.

"It is clear that if substantial action is not taken soon, the U.S. will soon confront energy shortages not seen since Jimmy Carter was president," Burnett said. "We can only hope that Congress will work with the White House to produce as farsighted a national energy policy."

21CEP announced a widespread media campaign to publicly demonstrate that America can have a future of plentiful energy while protecting the environment.