NCPA Internships and Junior Fellowships

The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Internship Program was established to develop the next generation of liberty-minded leaders and entrepreneurs. The project assignments cover fascinating areas including policy research, leadership and talent development, grassroots education, marketing, and network development. This hands-on experience gives interns the chance to explore the non-profit sector while applying the management philosophy they are learning from the Foundation.

Each Intern is assigned a Foundation mentor for the duration of the program. The mentor will guide the Interns through assignments, assist them in learning the management framework and applying it to their non-profit work, and encourage them to become effective entrepreneurs for social change. Interns are selected by the Koch Foundation.

General NCPA Internships: The NCPA is looking for motivated individuals to provide staff support on a number of our important projects.  This internship offers real-world work experience in the public policy arena.  The program provides the opportunity to write, edit, conduct research and work on projects with NCPA’s policy and public affairs staff.

NCPA internships are available during the fall, summer and spring for undergraduates and graduate students; though post-graduates are also encouraged to apply.  Internship positions are located in NCPA’s Dallas headquarters. 

Graduate Student Fellow: The NCPA’s Graduate Student Fellow position offers real-world work experience in the public policy arena. Graduate Student Fellows write, edit, and conduct research on policy projects. They are an integral part of our operation and are called upon to author publications and develop new ideas like other members of the policy staff. The position is ideally suited for graduate students or recent graduates and is located in the NCPA’s Dallas headquarters.

For more information, or to apply, please download the following applications (PDF): Internships and Graduate Student Fellow

Sponsor an Intern: Opportunities to sponsor an intern or junior fellow are available for individuals or companies. Many individuals like to sponsor an intern from their alma mater and support two good causes at one time. To discuss funding an intern, please contact Laurel Jordan at or 972-308-6601.