NCPA Responds to Census Uninsured Report

DALLAS (Aug. 25, 2008) – The Census Bureau Tuesday releases its latest report on the status of the nation's uninsured millions.  I wanted to tell you that National Center for Policy Analysis President John C. Goodman has posted the following (see below) on his health care policy blog after carefully tracking the Census Bureau's report for years. Dr. Goodman explains why the data to be posted in tomorrow's report is, "fraudulent, exaggerated and erroneous." 

Feel free to use the information provided in Dr. Goodman's blog: let me know if I can assist in scheduling an interview.

Dr. Goodman is experienced with media interviews and writing op-ed pieces, has authored nine books since he founded the NCPA 25 years ago, and regularly testifies before Congress and Congressional committees. He has participated in numerous panels and debates and would be an excellent response interview to the new numbers.

During this convention week, you might also note that Dr. Goodman has written and debated extensively on his analyses of both candidates' health care plans, and can discuss the potential impact of each.