NCPA Senior Fellow Dr. Devon Herrick

Dallas, TX (4/12/2017) – In a point, counter-point section of The Wall Street Journal, Senior Fellow Dr. Devon Herrick argues that by taking simple steps patients can save themselves a substantial amount of money.

“Shopping for care and lowering costs don’t necessarily mean poring over websites to compare the benefits of medications and treatments, and then hunting for the best price that’s available for them,” claims Dr. Herrick. “With just a small effort, anybody has the chance to drastically lower their health-care costs—without committing to undertake a daunting amount of research.”

Basic steps include:

  • Asking doctors questions about costs, which often lead to more financially sound recommendations;
  • Asking for generic drug alternatives to save money; and
  • Searching for cash prices online that often leads to a price well below what the patient’s insurer negotiated.

Dr. Herrick asserts, “Acting like a prudent health-care consumer is not that hard. And consumerism spurs providers to act more like competitors.”

Can Consumers Be Smart Health-Care Shoppers?
YES: There are Simple Steps That Could Save a Lot of Money