NCPA's Idea House Named CNS "Site of the Week"

Alexandria, VA -The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) was named the Internet "Site of the Week" Monday by the Conservative News Service, the Internet News Wire.

The CNS Site of the Week Award is presented to organizations with Internet sites that provide web surfers with excellence in coverage of important issues, in-depth content and superior overall web site design.

NCPA, located at, is a non-profit, public policy research institute with offices in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC., and offers analysis, debate, commentary and in-depth research from around the world.

NCPA's web site features comprehensive coverage on topics such as social security, welfare and the global warming debate. The site also delves into areas ranging from the recent spate of gun lawsuits and health care, to education initiatives and the economic impact of ticket scalping.

"The 'Daily Policy Update' provides timely content of interest for conservatives and the news media alike," said CNS Editorial Liaison Francesca Uzal. "The overall design allows for easy navigation and the graphics take minimal time to download."

NCPA also features valuable research tools, including its "Social Security Calculator" and the "NCPA Channel," which offers RealVideo of interviews with policy makers, news stories and other issue presentations.