Examining the Lack of Transparency and Consumer Driven Market Forces in U.S. Health Care

Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify on this important topic. I am John Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). A nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization, the NCPA is dedicated to developing and promoting private alternatives to government regulation and control, and solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. I welcome the opportunity to share my views and look forward to your questions.

The principle problems in health care are well known. The cost is too high; the quality is too low; and access to care is too difficult. The reason for these problems should also be well known: We have replaced the patients with third-party payers (insurance companies, employers, and government) as the principal buyers of care.

The party that pays for care is different from the party that is supposed to benefit. Unfortunately, the interests of the two parties are not always the same.

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