Pamela Villarreal

Pamela VillarrealSenior Fellow

Pamela Villarreal is an NCPA expert on retirement, economic growth and tax issues.

Villarreal has written studies and analyses on specific economic and retirement topics such as minimum wage effects, the jobs market, returns on stock and bond investments, retirement account reforms and the NCPA’s state tax calculator.  She has authored and co-authored numerous publications on diverse topics such as capital gains taxes, reverse mortgages, Social Security disability and baby boomers’ spending habits.  One of her studies, “Wealth, Inheritance and the Estate Tax,” was coauthored with noted economist Jagadeesh Gokhale.

Villarreal’s work on the NCPA’s 401(k) borrowing calculator and the negative consequences to borrowing from a 401(k) has been recognized by media throughout the country. Among those was Kathy Kristof, the award-winning personal finance columnist with the Los Angeles Times.

Villarreal routinely shares her insight with media outlets throughout the country.  Her work has been covered by FOX Business News, CNBC, Forbes, Bloomberg, USA Today, Money Magazine and The Washington Times. She is a much in demand speaker on retirement and tax issues.

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