The Health Care Blog

Source: Daily Download

The Health Care Blog often reads like an argumentative dinner party with smart, opinionated guests.

Founded in 2003 by veteran health observer and strategist Matthew Holt, himself an opinionated fellow, the blog showcases views from across the political spectrum. But there is no shortage of voices opposed to President Obama’s approach to health care. A post titled “Obama’s Broken Promises” is by contributor John Goodman, who runs the National Center for Policy Analysis, which promotes alternatives to government regulation. But Holt appears pro-Obama, saying that Democrats should say of Republicans: “Those bastards want to take your kid’s insurance away!”

The site is updated with several posts a day. While the focus is heavy on policy, not personal health, there are occasional posts from physicians and, in one case, a third-year medical student. One doctor writes about his wife’s treatment for cancer. And while the Health Care Blog can feel like an endless op-ed page, the tone is occasionally leavened by, say, the debate over Food Network chef Paula Deen developing diabetes.

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