Zionsville Teen Takes Second in NCPA’s Young Patriot Essay Contest

Source: NCPA

Isabella Penola, of Zionsville, Indiana, placed third in the National Center for Policy Analysis’s Young Patriot Essay Contest with her essay on the relationship between individual freedom and social and economic prosperity.

Penola, a high school senior, was one of hundreds of applicants to the Young Patriot Essay Contest, a joint effort between the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) and Debate Central designed to challenge middle and high school students to creatively solve problems in the realm of economics and public policy through the art of writing. She took third place and was awarded a $2,000 scholarship for her superb writing skills.

“Humans, with their selfish, ambitious nature, require incentive in order to work and produce, and the best incentive is being able to own, use, and profit directly from one’s own labors,” writes Penola in her essay. “To disregard that by putting the so-called “rights” of the collective over the natural rights of the individual would be to decimate the prosperity of both the individual and the collective.”

“Isabella’s essay was truly impressive, combining historical evidence and modern political theory to support her conclusions,” said NCPA Director of Youth Programs Rachel Stevens. “All of us here at the NCPA are thrilled to provide a scholarship to help this excellent young woman achieve her future goals.”

Penola’s essay, entitled “Life, Liberty and Property: Private Ownership and Economic Prosperity,” will be published at Debate Central and the NCPA’s websites.

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